Eric NaylorI grew up in rural Ontario and always enjoyed photography, but it was not until May of 2004 while attending a workshop by Freeman Patterson & André Gallant at Adair's Lodge and Cabins, that I really found my vision. Freeman, André, Terry (Adair) and a dozen other talented photographers helped me realize that beauty is everywhere just waiting to be discovered and that with an open mind, and a new perspective, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. I learned to photograph my feelings... and it changed my life.

When I pause and reflect, (particularly in nature), I reconnect. I feel more at peace, and more in tune with my Creative Source.

I believe that scenes of serenity and tranquility are healing gifts from God. My continuing mission is to express my gratitude through my photography, with the hope that at least one of my images will touch your soul and take you to a place of peace. I hope you enjoy your visit. Please share this website with your family, friends and associates. Check back for updates. I appreciate your comments.

Thanks to Brad MacLaren at MacLaren's Custom Colour for years of encouragement, and to Susanna Gaunt and Elizabeth Stone at RMSP for pushing me to another level and setting me free.

A special thanks to the Essex Region Conservation Authority for providing and maintaining so many wonderful areas where we can treat our Nature Deficit Disorder.